About Us

Southern Delicacies

Foods with a southern flair to add spice and flavor to your life. Chow-Chow, a spicy crunchy mix of veggies loaded with green tomatoes. Pepper jellies with a sweetness followed by a wonderful heat. Nutty caramel brittle with Fluer de Sel to take you away from your routine with coffee or as a snack anytime. 

From Our Garden and Kitchen

We started growing tomatoes and peppers in our garden. We started to create foods that could bring a special flavor and taste to every day meals. Other than cutting them up and using them in salads and sandwiches, we developed products that add spice and flavor to life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to develop spicy flavorful foods. Let us know what you think about our current products and stay tuned for new products and if you have any requests we are always looking for new ideas.

Yours truly

Debra Schiavone, Creative Food Officer